Prayers List

At this Time We Offer our Prayers For:

Our Church, Community, Country, Military, Teachers, Police, and Healthcare Workers

David & Pam Booth
Kay Pruett
Johnny & Annell Delord
Wynette Mosely
Gene McClendon
Pauline Conner
Connie Reeves
Decil & Billie Reavis
Larry Lovell
Ramona Saunders
Robert Snetzler
Marla Smith
Alison Powers
Donna Galliger
Joseph Soroka
Tyler Cimmino

Donald Parrish
Don Penny
Connie Long
Dana Brown
Bob Ovaly
Linda Sultenfuss
Emily (David’s Niece)
Penson Parrish
Charitie Wagner
Troops in Middle East
Jennifer Lovell
Mike & Vicki Harris
Ben Long
Elijah Krumbnow

People of Ukraine
Linda Powers
Penny Family
Nathan & Joyce Booth
Emry Blanco
Jeff & Angela Rainwater
Tammy Alford
Mary Conner Chambers
Linda Ray
Milton Kerr
Kenneth & Stella Taylor
Terry Covington
Bill Taylor
Jill Caldwell
Logan Family


Fellowship Meal @ Ranchers – 2nd Wednesday of the month @ 6pm

Birthday Offering (Backpack for Buddies Program) last Sunday of the month

10JAN2024 Women’s Bible Study Starts @ 1000

10JAN2024 Fellowship Meal @ 6pm

14JAN2024 Business Mtg

17JAN2024 Men’s Bible Study Starts @ 7pm

28JAN2024 After Church Meal

19/20/21APR2024 Spring Revival

11MAY2024 Pearl Mainstreet Festival

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